Aminex Therapeutics, Inc. is a drug development company focused on advancing a novel immunotherapy for the treatment of cancer.

The Science

Polyamine Depletion Therapy

Aminex Therapeutics’ immuno-oncology approach significantly reduces the uptake and production of polyamines – molecules found in high concentrations in cancer cells and the tumor microenvironment and linked to immune system suppression. Reducing both sources of polyamines and, in turn, myeloid-derived suppressor cells in the tumor microenvironment, allows for activation of the innate immune system to attack solid tumors.

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Drug Candidate

AMXT 1501 + DFMO

Aminex Therapeutics’ immuno-oncology drug candidate is an oral, small molecule therapy. It is composed of AMXT 1501, the company’s patented polyamine uptake inhibitor, and DiFluoroMethylOrnithine (DFMO, eflornithine), an off-patent polyamine synthesis inhibitor. AMXT 1501 + DFMO works in conjunction to provide a synergistic immune system therapy applicable to a majority of solid tumor cancers.

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Latest News

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