Aminex Therapeutics’ immunotherapy approach combines the company’s novel, patented polyamine uptake inhibitor, AMXT 1501, with an approved, off-patent polyamine synthesis inhibitor, DFMO.

As demonstrated in multiple animal trials, AMXT 1501 + DFMO, supports activation of the immune system to attack and clear cancer primary tumors and inhibit their metastases. (See Publications).

AMXT 1501 + DFMO negates two major immune system suppressors — polyamines and myeloid-derived suppressor cells. Further, it compromises the cancer-driving roles of both the MYC and RAS oncogenes, thought to be involved with more than sixty percent of solid tumors.

DFMO is a special drug, saving more than 100,000 lives by curing African Sleeping sickness since FDA approval in 1990 for this high mortality disease. More recently, DFMO is being used as a component of neuroblastoma treatment, is of research interest in colorectal cancer preventionand in glioblastoma treatment. It has also demonstrated potential activity in Alzheimer’s animal models.

AMXT 1501 has been specifically developed to enhance and extend the polyamine depletion capabilities of DFMO. Polyamine depletion stops the growth and division of malignant cells and leads to the immune system being able to recognize and attack multiple types of solid tumor cancers.

Based on the promising results to date, Aminex Therapeutics has advanced AMXT 1501 + DFMO into a Phase 1, dose-escalation clinical trial designed to evaluate its safety and determine optimal dosing of the therapy in cancer patients

Current Clinical Trial