Don Dyer

Don is a serial entrepreneur. He has founded or co-founded 14 companies, three political non-profits and one of the largest private schools in Texas, Regents School of Austin. He currently serves as Chairman and CEO of PJS of Texas, Inc. which he founded 36 years ago. PJS is one of the largest privately-owned commercial cleaning companies in Texas employing over 4,000 people. He also serves on the board of Core Fellowship. Don received his bachelors degree from Western Washington University and continued his graduate studies at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Mark Burns, PhD

Dr. Burns is the scientific founder of Aminex. Mark earned a PhD at the University of Michigan and post-doctoral training in bio-organic chemistry at Rice University. During his over 20 years of experience in biotechnology Mark led the discovery efforts resulting in Aminex’s AMXT 1501/DFMO assets. Mark has obtained 15 U.S. Patents and published 21 scientific papers. He has extensive experience in the fields of medicinal, combinatorial, enzyme inhibitor design, analytical and process chemistry.

Jim Skaggs

Jim has been with Aminex since 2012. He was one of six top executives with NASA’s Apollo lunar landing program management, and he has spent almost 40 years in several corporate leadership positions in high-tech electronics systems, heavy infrastructure maintenance equipment manufacturing, and biotech drug development. Jim is retired chairman of Alamo Group, Inc. (NYSE) Prior to that, as chairman, CEO, and president of Tracor Inc., he led the turnaround and six times growth of Tracor in the defense electronics industry with 10,000 employees. Tracor was a Fortune 100 Fastest Growing Company. Jim graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Washington and has received numerous honorary awards.